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Documents necessary for registration of legal entities (LLC, Private Enterprise)

To register, a legal entity must first determine the name of the company (later we will verify your name for the presence duplicate in the state register of enterprises).

The next step is to indicate the activities that your company will be involved in (trade, construction, etc.) and the amount of backup capital (currently a minimum authorized capital of the enterprise makes a minimum wage in the case of your desire to share the fund may be formed by the founders of the company assets).

In addition, you need to decide at what address your company will be registered at. At present, the legislation allows the company to be registered at the place of residence of one of the founders or the legal company address, the lease of which in advance should be made by the founder of the company (If necessary, we can give you the address for registration in any area of the city of Kiev).

In solving these questions, you simply provide us with copies of passports and identification codes of the founders of the company, as well as the desired director.

Subsequently, we will prepare a draft charter of your company and all related documents to be notarized. Then, if you wish, the notary to notarize the documents will leave on any convenient for you to address.

After the above steps, the documents shall be deposited in the work of the State Registrar, after which approximately 2 weeks after the preparation of a full package of documents you get a fully registered "TURNKEY" business.

The size of government duties and the average cost of notaries services of the company registration is:

  • Registration fee - 170 UAH. + Bank Commission;
  • Statistics Note - 25, 94 UAH. + Bank Commission;
  • Permission to manufacture company stamp - 81 UAH. + Bank Commission;
  • The cost of company stamp - 250 UAH. + Tools for stamp (from 20 to 60 UAH).

Notary Service:

  • - Notarization of signatures of the founder in the statute - 70 UAH. (One signature);
  • - Power of attorney to conduct registration - 150 UAH. (One founder).

Emphasizing democratic and non-formal approach to each client, we provide the opportunity for you to personally undertake the registration of your company with our FREE oral consultation at 050-487-1950.

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A work permit on the territory of Ukraine for the foreign citizen

According to provision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from April 8, 2009 in the case of a willingness among employers to hire foreign nationals (including the company Director), a prerequisite for the alien is to obtain a work permit in the city employment center.

The procedure for obtaining this permit is accompanied by a number of inconveniences and may not always lead to the desired result.

Improper completion of documents (or lack of certain documents) actually leads to failure in obtaining a work permit and subsequent deportation of an alien from Ukraine.

In addition, one should pay attention to the fact that in the event of the employment center denying the work permit, a considerable state tax rate of 4 times the minimum wage is not returned, and the employer may request a second request for a permit for foreigners only after a year from the date of refusal.

In turn, it should be noted that the existence of an employment permit is grounds for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, thus freeing the foreign citizen from the obligation to leave the country before the M1 visa expires.

In general, having issued a work permit and a temporary residence permit, the foreigner is entitled to up to 1 year to cross the territory of Ukraine, as well as formal work in Ukraine.

To obtain a permit, the following documents must be submitted:

  • A notarized copy of the Certificate of state registration of enterprises;
  • A notarized copy of the Charter of the enterprise and the Memorandum of Association (if any);
  • The original receipt showing payment of all taxes and fees (if no, we will help);
  • A copy of the protocol of the meeting participants, the decision of the owner to appoint the head of the company (can help prepare) sealed by the company;
  • A copy of the documents on education or qualification of an alien with a translation (certified translation agency) and the seal of the employer;
  • A copy of the passport of a foreign citizen;
  • A copy of the identification number;
  • Original old permit if it is prolonged;
  • Power of attorney for permission to name an authorized person;
  • The original receipt for payment of state duties which equal to 4 min. salaries;
  • Certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine and throughout the country of the foreigner;
  • 4 color photos 3/4

And the following information:

  • Complete details of the company;
  • For information on concentration of the work and presence of employees in the enterprise;
  • Place of residence of foreigners in Kiev (if any);
  • Position, which is claimed by a foreigner;
  • A brief resume of an alien with an indication of experience.

In addition, your company must submit reports to the employment center, forms 3PN and 5PN, with an empty vacancy at your post. (Contributions to the fund must be paid in advance or at least the company should not have any debt with the fund)

Once you collect the above list of documents, based on them, I will prepare the necessary set of additional documents and hand them over to you to affix the company seal. In addition, you will also received payment details needed for paying all the registration fees.


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Temporary residence

To obtain a temporary residence permit on the territory of Ukraine the following documents are needed:

  • A copy of the first page of the passport with an official translation;
  • A notarized copy of your work permit;
  • A copy of the foreigners identification code;
  • A copy of the certificate of registration of the enterprise, institution, firm;
  • Copy of the certificate of registration, from the statistics department, of the enterprise as a business entity;
  • Copy of a bank certificate showing account availability;
  • Certificate of previous conviction in Ukraine;
  • Apartments for sale or rental contract, registered with the HCS;
  • Form № 3, and statements from all members of the family, that have reached the age of 18, stating that they do not object to the temporary alien registration, certified in HCS;
  • 6 black/white photos, size 3 * 4 cm on the basis of mat;
  • Receipt of payment of state fees, services CDF and MP;
  • Folder - binder and 4 envelopes;
  • Certificate from the tax agency on payment of tax.
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Invitations for foreigners

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