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Our Services

Legal services for non-residents

  • Getting a work permit on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Getting a residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Alien registration in the OVIR;
  • Obtaining an identification code for an alien resident;
  • Provide an address for registration (residence permit) in Kiev (NEW!!!);
  • Assigning a tax resident status of Ukraine for foreigners (NEW !!!);
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Urgent departure advocate (24 Hours)

It is no secret that in life we often face situations when expert help is needed urgently - immediately - here and now.

Often, when faced with situations in practice where the presence of a lawyer is essential, and you have no where to turn to (an investigation of security agencies in the evening - using the surprise effect when the person is unable to orient himself, and make adequate decisions, the sudden arrest of the suspect by law enforcement agencies, causing an automotive accident - which injured people, etc. - it was decided to provide this kind of "emergency" legal assistance.

In this case, it is important to remember that it is always easier to prevent the negative consequences of the situation you are in, getting at least verbal advice over the phone, than to engage in labor-intensive and costly solution to the problem that arose after the incident without first obtaining competent advice.

This service is avaliable to permanent partners and individuals cooperating with the attorney on the basis of subscriber agreement and individuals on the care system "family lawyer." (Complex legal service)

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Conducting criminal cases

Confidentiality, reliability and honesty are essential qualities of a lawyer - dealing with the conduct of criminal proceedings as a pre-trial investigation and in the courts of all levels.

Having obtained the confidence of the customer to conduct a criminal case, regardless of its specificity (accidents, economic crimes, crimes in the job field, and so on) - the client must be confident in the quality of service regardless of the fee paid to advocate.

Regardless of the stage of the process - in which a lawyer takes the case - the client will be offered all possible solutions to problems - and selected a further plan of action on the case.

Doing both criminal and civil trials carried out exclusively in full cooperation with the client, which independently controls each step of the defender and has the ability to keep the situation in their own hands because the lawyer deals him much time as possible and is always willing to clarify any and all of the clients questions and problems along the way.

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Complex legal service

  • Integrated customer subscriber agreement;
  • Care System "family lawyer" for individuals
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Conducting trials in civil proceedings

Faced with a problem, of which you havent even though about some time, it is important to properly and quickly orient yourself on how to act and what action to take in the future to minimize your losses to zero (if they are unavoidable), or withdraw from the situation a winner.

None of us are immune to such life situations as divorce, failure of insurance company reimbursement, the inability to return your loan to a bank, accidents, disputes among the heirs of ownership of property, division of property between spouses and co-founders of the company, the recognition of cohabitation as a family, defining of place of residence of the child, the seizure of property of the debtor and its subsequent recovery, etc., but with the support of competent specialist or at least be consulted on your current situation, you can expect to succeed in your objectives.

Timely adressing the right specialist for the provision of legal aid can ensure you get 100% result.

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Attorneys storage of documents

According to part 1 of article 10 of the Law of Ukraine "On Advocacy", documents relating to the execution of instructions to advocate, are not subject to inspection, disclosure or seizure without his consent.

Each operating company sooner or later faced with tax audits. To find violations of even the most scrupulous accountant is absolutely not a problems, and the company still has to pay fines. However, fines can be avoided by depositing a lawyer exactly the documentation, which the State Tax Inspectorate is looking for.

In this case, the State Tax Inspectorate is awarded the contract and deed of company documents deposited with a lawyer in connection with the accompaniment of your business entity. Detaining these documents from the lawyer is almost impossible. Tax Inspectorate appeals to a lawyer, and in response, they receives a letter that the documents contain confidential trade secrets, and the lawyer can give it only at the request of a law enforcement agency. The State Tax Inspectorate is now in a deadlock. They are unable to check the documents, because they are in the hands of a lawyer, and the request of law enforcement agencies can be obtained only in connection with a criminal case. A criminal case can be initiated in the detection of an offense, which in turn can be detected when checking the documents you have with your lawyer. This vicious circle makes the The State Tax Inspectorate simply helpless, and your company therefore receives protection from fines and a number of troubles.

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Registration of companies

The desire to develop and work - the natural desire of every human being and a natural goal of every business - making a profit for its owner.

Thus, my assistants and I personally are happy to assist you in achieving your goals and offer services for registration of any type of business entity at the best price and with guaranteed quality and speed of registration.

  • Registration of a Limited Liability Company(Ltd.);
  • Registration of private enterprise;
  • Registration of sole proprietorship;
  • Registration of offices of foreign companies in Ukraine (NEW!!!);
  • Registration of Check credit society;
  • Registration of charitable organizations;
  • Registration of political parties;
  • Register of Business Associations;
  • Registration of a Holding company;
  • and much more!

Also, along with services on registration of enterprises have an opportunity to ensure your business related services, such as the provision of 100% verifiable legal address in the city of Kiev (NEW!!!), which does not cause any suspicion, and not a "stumbling block" in communicating with authorities STI(State Tax Inspectorate).

Furthermore, acuiring the registration of the company through us, you get the opportunity to sign any notarized documents that are needed for registration at any time convenient for you and in any place, (Notary Service), as we have opportunity to organize the trip of a notary to your office or any other convenient place for you, - while not significantly increasing the cost of the notary.

The speed of the registration process depends solely on the desires of the client and is guaranteed by our close partnership with public authorities and regulatory bodies.

By entrusting the establishment and building of your business by professionals - will contribute to your savings of time, money and a reliable operation of your business in the future.

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Notary Service

An active enterprise, as well as individuals are often confronted with the need to provide notarial services related to concluding different types of contracts, powers of attorney, notarization of signatures, and notarization of translations of official documents in foreign languages.

A lawyer working closely with the notary public can not only reduce costs for notary services but, in this case, the cost of notarial services guaranteed to be less than the average cost of such services in the city of Kiev.

In addition, this can save the client a lot of time. If the client does not have the time or opportunity to visit the notary in his office, it is possible to organize a trip of the notary at any convenient time and place of the client around the clock - seven days a week.

In this case, all the documents will be agreed on in advance by a qualified notary and a lawyer with a complete view of the client's interests, and the required speed of execution.

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Liquidation of enterprises of all forms of ownership

As practice shows - unsolvable problems do not exist, there is only an untimely response to the evolving situation.

  • Prompt liquidation of enterprises of all forms of ownership (24 hours) (NEW!!!);
  • The elimination through the general procedures;
  • The elimination of "problematic" enterprises (bankruptcy) (NEW!!!)
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Accounting services (audit)

We are offering our clients to take advantage of accounting and audit activities of enterprises of different ownership forms services. We offer you only experienced and qualified professionals, whose work is prover through years of joint activities and confirmed by the extremely positive feedback from clients.

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Assistance with yearly car inspection, vehicle registration and deregistration, establishment and registration of motor transport enterprise

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Legal support in making sure court orders are carried out properly and in a timely matter to GET RESULTS

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Help with debt collection for businesses and individuals

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Representation in International Arbitration

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Ready-made companies with ready indication of VAT

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Legal support of surrogate motherhood

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Legal support for adoption of a child in Ukraine

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Travel documents for a child

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